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As citizens of the United States, we all must file our taxes, whether we are filing them as individuals or for a business. At Rugaba Holdings LLC, we help make the process of preparing your individual tax returns much easier. Our individual tax preparation experts can save you more time and money in the long-run by preventing mishandled deductions, miscalculations, and even potential IRS problems. We guarantee that our tax professionals are aware and up-to-date on all the latest tax rules, and we’ll be constantly on the hunt for new legislation that can be used to reduce your tax obligations and help you keep more of your hard-earned money. We’ll do this by carefully reviewing your paperwork, receipts, and past tax returns.

No matter what your tax situation, or previous tax situation is, we guarantee you’ll benefit from the experience, dedication, and expertise of our trusted staff.

What to Bring When Preparing To Have Your Tax Returns Professionally Prepared

Before you decide to have your individual income taxes prepared by a tax professional at Rugaba Holdings LLC, it’s important to take note of some of the items you’ll need to bring to your tax professional ahead of having your individual taxes prepared. The more information you can provide us, the better, but here are certain documents that you must make sure to bring with you.


Your individual tax preparer will need access to certain identification information that will help verify who you are. The best form of I.D. to bring with you is your social security card, because your accountant will need your social security number for each member of your family that will be claimed on your taxes. You will also need the full names and birth dates for any family members you’ll plan to claim on your taxes. This might come as a surprise, but the IRS has been known to send back large amounts of tax returns each year because the names and social security numbers on the forms do not match. Other forms of I.D. that would be good to bring to your tax preparation meeting include a driver’s license, military ID, or any other state-issued picture I.D. card.

Copies of Recent Tax Returns

You’ll also want to provide your Rugaba Holdings LLC tax professional with your previous year’s tax return. This will help them easily access information and calculate certain deductions without having to contact you for information that can be easily found on your previous year’s tax returns. If this is your first time having your tax returns prepared by a professional, or if you’re meeting a new Rugaba Holdings LLC accountant for the first time, this would also be a good opportunity to discuss any discrepancies that might exist between your previous tax returns.

Wage Statements

You’ll need to bring your W-2 forms with you for all companies you are presently or were previously employed with. If for some reason you do not receive these documents from your employer by January 31 of that tax year, you’ll want to check in with your employer to make sure there wasn’t a mix-up and you receive those W-2s on time. If you are not a full-time employee but an independent contractor or freelancer, you’ll receive a 1099-MISC form from each client with whom you’ve worked. You’ll want to make sure you bring these forms to your tax preparation meeting as well.

Any Additional Income Statements

If you accrued any additional income throughout the year, including interest and dividend income from investments, unemployment income, or social security income, you’ll want to bring proof of those as well. You should receive statements for each of these sources of income and should bring them to your meeting as well.

Real Estate Holdings Documents

If you own a home, or have recently purchased a home, there are several different deductions that can be taken. Make sure you bring your accountant any documents that might pertain to a recent home purchase, proof of paid mortgage or home equity loan interest, or proof of paid real estate and personal property taxes paid. Your Rugaba Holdings LLC accountant will use these documents to make sure you get any deductions you might qualify for.

History of Expenses

For deductions and credits, it’s important that you maintain, and share with your accountant, any documentation that shows proof of expenses you had in the prior year. This could include receipts, invoices, medical bills, charitable contributions, IRA contributions, expenses from job-hunting, mileage logs, education expenses, self-employment expenses, and more. Don’t ever feel like you’re bringing too many documents. The rule is, the more the better when ensuring you get the ultimate refund available to you each tax year.

Filing tax returns is one of the most time-consuming, complicated, and sometimes frustrating tasks that we all must go through each year. There are complex tax codes and rules that vary by person and situation. Don’t attempt to file your own tax returns and run the risk of paying more than you should, or not reclaiming the hard-earned money that you’re entitled to. The tax and accounting professionals at Rugaba Holdings LLC can handle everything for you. If you come to us prepared, we can help you maximize your tax return this coming tax season.

Benefits of Hiring An Income Tax Preparation Professional

When it comes to the tiring process of filing taxes each year, it’s advisable that you don’t do it alone. Hiring a tax professional, like the ones at Rugaba Holdings LLC, to handle your taxes for you offers several benefits. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a tax preparation professional.

  • You’ll save yourself the time and trouble of filing the taxes yourself.
  • Your tax professional will understand tax code and tax law, and they’re up-to-date on any changes to the law. This saves you the trouble in trying to understand and decode tax language.
  • Hiring a professional will mitigate any potential mistakes that could be made. Making mistakes on your taxes can be extremely costly.
  • These days, time equals money. The number of hours you’d have to spend doing your own taxes would cost much more than hiring a professional to do them for you.
  • If the IRS chooses to audit you, having a professional tax service on your side can help immensely.
  • The tax professionals at Rugaba Holdings LLC are trained to answer your questions and help you make smarter tax decisions that can save you money.
  • The professionals at Rugaba Holdings LLC are not just available one day out of the year; we can help you plan all year-round for future tax seasons.
  • Our staff is trained to provide you with recommended ways to save on your taxes.
  • Knowing that our knowledgeable staff is taking care of your taxes for you will give you peace of mind.


the dedicated tax professionals at Rugaba Holdings LLC can save you money. If we find even one important deduction or tax credit you might have missed, the income claimed on that deduction or credit will often quickly exceed whatever cost you’d have to pay to file taxes on your own.

Call Rugaba Holdings LLC today for a free consultation. We’ll take a look at your current tax-year situation and determine the best course of action you can take for preparing for future successful tax seasons. You can reach us at (818) 442-9724.8

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