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Whether you’re a small business owner, a medical practice, or an entrepreneur, we know your time is valuable. Rather than worrying about keeping up with your accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities, your time should be spent running the day-to-day operations of your company and growing your business. Rugaba Holdings LLC provides a full range of accounting services to help you manage the financial side of your business. We guarantee our team will be responsive, dependable, professional, and accurate when handling your detailed financial statements, budget, and anything else you need to understand where your money is really going. Our staff is also available seven days a week to discuss any financial concerns you have and provide strategic advice you can trust.

Types of Accounting Services We Provide

The accounting professionals at Rugaba Holdings LLC provide the support, independence and knowledge you need for your business to succeed. We have years of experience in providing our clients with a wide variety of accounting, financial, and consulting services across several trades and industries to give business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals the guidance and understanding they need to thrive. At Rugaba Holdings LLC, each of our accounting professionals is committed to quality in client service. Our dedication to our work and our clients is the driving force in ensuring we create and manage a positive partnership.

Whether you are an individual with a more complex financial situation, a business owner, or a medical practice, we can tailor an accounting services package for you that meets the specific needs of your company. Below is a sampling of some of the accounting services Rugaba Holdings LLC can provide.

Accounts Payable:

Our team will keep track of all payments and expenditures, including payroll, purchase orders, invoices, statements, and more. We’ll reconcile processed work by verifying entries and comparing system reports to balances.

Accounts Receivable:

Our team will also ensure you or your business receives payment for services offered or goods sold. We’ll handle sending bill reminders and statements, posting financial transitions to an accounting system, and making bank deposits.

Tax planning and preparation: The tax professionals at Rugaba Holdings LLC are highly skilled in tax planning and income tax preparation services. When you put your taxes in our hands, we’ll work to uncover any and all legal deductions available to minimize your tax burden.

General ledger accounting:

Our team will handle the sorting, storing, and summarizing of your company’s transactions so you don’t have to.

Account reconciliation:

We’ll ensure that the money leaving your personal or business account matches the actual money spent.

Fixed asset management:

Businesses and other professional organizations continue to face a significant challenge when it comes to tracking the location, quantity, condition, maintenance, and depreciation status of their fixed assets (such as land, property, equipment, etc.). We’ll keep tabs on your fixed assets for financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and theft prevention.

Financial Statements:

Our team will create and deliver weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-end reports that include a:

  • Balance sheet:

    a statement that details your company’s financial history to provide you with an idea of how well you or your company is doing financially

  • Income statement:

    sometimes called a “profit and loss” statement, or a “statement of revenue and expense,” this part of the report will provide you with details about your company’s financial performance over the specified accounting period, and will summarize results pertaining to revenue, expenses, gain, and loss transactions.

  • Cash flow statement:

    We’ll make sure you are aware of the amount of cash generated and used during the specified accounting period.

Cash flow management: Just like we’ll provide reports on your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-end cash flow, we’ll also manage your cash flow for you. This involves us monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing the net amount of cash receipts subtracted from cash expenses. Having a good handle on your net cash flow is imperative for any business or individual to understand their financial health and wealth.

Accounting software:

Our team is constantly up-to-date on the most innovative solutions for accounting software. We’ll make sure we’re using the best software possible to manage the financials of your business.

Bill pay services:

Making sure your paying your bills, and/or your employees, on time can be a whole job in and of itself. We’ll do that for you, and make sure that your bills, and/or your employees, are paid on time.

Business management and financial consulting:

Our knowledgeable accounting professionals are not just skilled in crunching numbers, we can also help you or your business with a variety of management and consulting services. We can work with you on a variety of short-term and long-term projects, from developing a strategy for your Chief Financial Officer to restructuring your financial system.


Bookkeeping can be the most time-consuming and monotonous task when running a business or managing your personal wealth, but it’s necessary. Our accounting professionals at Rugaba Holdings LLC can handle all your bookkeeping needs for you so you can focus on what’s important – building your business.

Budgeting and forecasting:

The accounting professionals at Rugaba Holdings LLC will work with you to analyze the change between your financial forecasts and actual performance and create a future budget that will set your company up for success.

Payroll services

Rugaba Holdings LLC offers an extensive choice of payroll processing services designed to save your business time and money. We can provide you with a complete customized payroll processing package to fit your business needs. Payroll services we provide include:

Payroll Processing:

We work with a variety of businesses, including medical practices, restaurants, and nanny services. We’ll make sure your employees get paid so you can focus on your business.

New-hire reporting:

We’ll make sure all necessary paperwork is completed to report your new hires to the state in which you do business.

Payroll checks:

We’ll set up payment for delivery via courier, FedEx/UPS, regular mail, or scheduled pickups at your place of business.


We’ll make sure your business is operating in accordance with federal, state, and local rules and regulations. We’ll also make sure you’re in compliance with state wage and hourly worker laws.

Check garnishments:

Sometimes your employees run into some trouble with the IRS or creditors, and their wages will be garnished. That’s never an easy process to handle as an employer. Our team will take care of that, so you don’t have to.

Our team of accounting professionals will also ensure:

  • Your federal and state tax deposits are made on time
  • Your federal and state tax filings are made monthly or quarterly
  • Your employees are paid their regular salaries, bonuses, and piece-rate work and commissions on time
  • Any withholdings or deductions for employee benefits are handled accurately and on time
  • Employees’ sick, vacation, and personal time-off accruals are managed, adding or deducting hours accordingly
  • Any reimbursable expenses are handled
  • Direct deposit is set up for new and/or existing employees

In addition, our team at Rugaba Holdings LLC will provide:

  • Customized reporting, including payroll reports, summary reports, and payroll tax reports
  • Payroll register of the details about employees’ payroll for a specific period
  • Help with job coding and job classes
  • Employee profiles detailing your employees’ professional backgrounds and skills
  • Input worksheets to document and manage hours worked for your employees
  • And more

Let Rugaba Holdings LLC handle the day-to-day financial dealings of your business so you can go back to focusing on what matters – growing your business and your financial success. Give us a call today for a free consultation at (818) 442-9724.

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